Our vision is that every person in every community has the opportunity to craft something great.

We’re crafting great beer. Beer that is simple, and good, and always high quality. We hope our beers pique your curiosity and quench your thirst and help bring you closer to your friends and neighbors.

But for us, it’s always been bigger than beer.


Our mission is to create moments of joy and connection, empower each other to craft a better future, and protect the health of the planet.


Be positive. Our role is to make people’s days better. Whether it’s our co-workers, customers, or community, we’re aware that our attitudes affect other people’s experiences and we always strive to be positive and kind.

Be forward thinking. We have an eye to the future, and are always looking for ways we can take action to make our beer better, our team stronger, and our community more vibrant and just. When we make a mistake, we learn from it, make things right, and then keep on moving forward.

Be bold. We take a stand for what we believe in, from the potential of all of our team members to the belief that a business can and should be good for the world.

Be a safe space. We are building an environment where we can all be open about our ideas, challenges, and experiences. We look out for everyone’s physical safety, and work hard to offer a safe and welcoming place for our community, too.